Technologies Overview - Developmental Implementation Legislation

This section provides an overview of the policy and regulatory framework within the waste sector with particular reference to the 11 technologies presented on the Waste Treatment Guide. The aim is to enable a more efficient process for securing the required environmental approvals for alternative waste treatment projects under development.

Selected regulatory requirments for alternative waste treatment projects:

Subdivision of Agricultural Land Approval
Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
6 to 12 months
Building Plan Approval
30- to 90 days
Construction Work Permit
Provincial Director of the Depertment of Labour
30 days
Land Use Approval
1 year
Notification of Major Hazard Installation
Chief Inspector & Provincial Director of the Department of Labour & local authority
120 days
Appointment of Health and Safety Representative
Establishment of Health and Safety Committee
Notification of Construction work to Department of Labour
Provincial Director of the Department of Labour
7 days
Water Use Licence
Department of Water Affairs and Sanitation
1 to 4 years
Atmospheric Emissions Licence
District Municipality (or Province where this function has been delegated to the Province)
1 to 2 years
Environmental Authorisation
Department of Environmental Affairs
1 to 3 years
Heritage Approval
South African Heritage Resources Association
3 to 6 months
Waste Management Licence
Department of Environmental Affairs for hazardous waste and
1 to 3 years
Biodiversity Permit
Provincial Waste Management Authorities in the case of general waste
4 to 6 months (valid for 12 months)