Step 2: Options Assessment

Step 2: Options Assessment
Once a need for a waste treatment facility has been identified, technology and delivery options can be assessed.


1. Technology Assessment

Think about:

  • Financial implications on municipal budgets
  • Site issues
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Human resources
  • Market potential for technology outputs
  • GHG mitigation potential of different technology options
  • Water usage for technology option

S78 processes can be followed at this step or form part of the feasibility study in Step 3, to avoid appointing consultants twice. This will save time and money.

2. Service Delivery Assessment

Municipal service or municipal function: This options assessment will determine whether the project will be delivered through an internal or external mechanism (requires contract). A PPP is significant if technical, financial and operational risks will be transferred (This is in the PPP guidelines).

A municipal service is a service that a municipality in terms of its powers and functions provides and fees, charges or tariffs are levied in respect of such a service for example: waste collection. Whereas, a municipal function is an activity that the municipality is mandated to provide, for example: recycling.

The following procedure should be followed: