Alternative Waste - Integrated Waste Management Plan

As part of the IWMP development process, section 13 of the Waste Act requires the development of annual performance reports and it must be noted that this happens outside the actual IWMP development process. Section states that annual performance report must be prepared in terms of section and must contain information on the implementation of the municipal IWMP, including the information set out in paragraph (a) to (j) of subsection (2) insofar as it relates to the performance of the municipality.

An IWMP toolkit was developed to assist municipalities to compile their IWMP’s.

Link to Toolkit


Status Quo Assessment

Establishing the situation analysis, including backlogs.

Identify goals

Setting the desired end-state.

Identify & evaluate options

Take into consideration the context & variety of options that are feasible.

Select preferred alternatives

Identifying, evaluating & selecting alternative methods / approaches for achieving the desired end state.

Implementation Plan

Implementing the plan through well integrated strategies.

Review & monitoring

Evaluating & reviewing the plan to ensure the respective objectives are being met.