Alternative Waste - Integrated Development Plan

Integrated Development Plan
Before starting the planning process, an IDP must be drawn up. This plan is meant to ensure the proper management of the planning process.
This plan should outline:
  • The structures that will manage the planning process
  • How the public can participate and structures that will be created to ensure this participation
  • Time schedule for the planning process
  • Who is responsible for what
  • How will the process be monitored

At District Council level, a framework will be developed in consultation with all local municipalities within the district. This framework will ensure co-ordination, consultation and alignment between the district council and local municipalities. The framework will guide the development of the IDP Process Plan for each local municipality. The elected council makes all the final decisions on the IDP.

The process undertaken to produce the IDP consists of 5 phases:

PHASE 1 Analysis

Information is collected on the existing conditions within the municipality.

PHASE 2 Strategies

Municipality works on finding solutions to the problems assessed in Phase 1.

PHASE 3 Projects

Municipality develops design and content of projects identified in Phase 2.

PHASE 4 Integration

All developed plans must be integrated and form a main strategy with the IDP.

PHASE 5 Approval

The IDP is presented to council for consideration and adoption. Once approved, is considered the final IDP.